Johnson & Wales University Culinary Arts Building

333 Shipyard Street, Providence, RI, 02905

Culinary excellence meets Structural steel excellence

This state-of-the-culinary-art new building required state-of-the-art structural steel excellence. After  erection of the steel structure had begun, four months elapsed before getting the exact dimensions and specifications for the roof-top equipment . But, in order not to jeopardize the entire project schedule, this 5 story, 285ft x 75ft structure had to go up.

Canatal’s  engineering and project management teams drew on their ingenuity and expertise to come up with cost effective solutions to complete the project in a in a reasonable time frame.

Time Engineering – Strong In-house engineering and detailing capabilities

Requests demanding a re-design and re-detailing of 3,700 ft of lintel – Late roof-top equipment specifications and dimensions requiring additional design and detail work – An aggressive eleven-week erection time-line.

These three factors put Canatal’s Time Engineering concept to the test

Our strong in-house detailing and design capabilities allowed Canatal to deliver cost-effective solutions and quality shop drawings requiring few corrections and thus expediting the whole process.

Again, Canatal delivered on its commitment.


Steel tonnage: 1,051 tons

Owner : Johnson & Wales University, Architects : Tsoi/Kobus & Associates, Structural Engineer : ODEH Engineers, General Contractor : Bacon Construction Company

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

  • Compressed schedule
  • Incomplete documentation for fast-track project
  • Last-minute modifications
  • Special products
  • Technical ingenuity

No matter the challenge… we deliver!


 “As far as I’m concerned, Canatal is exceptionally easy to work with. On the Johnson & Wales University Culinary Arts new building project, they really had to “adapt on the fly”. The project schedule called for the steel structure work to begin in August but we didn’t receive the dimensions of the roof-top equipment from the owner until January.

Thanks to Canatal’s ingenuity and expertise they were able to accommodate those new, last-minute specifications.

Throughout the project, our work relationship was amicable and cooperative; they were always willing to explore cost effective ways to meet our evolving needs.”

Joseph McDonald, Project manager

Agostini Construction