Corporate Values

Solid corporate values. Real commitment.

At Canatal, we’re committed to accommodating client requests while minimizing the risks inherent in fast‑track projects.

comptable_insertIt’s part of our corporate mission statement: to provide our clients with unique, customized solutions that meet their specific needs and expectations and improve their overall performance.

To truly “find solutions and deliver,” our management team leverages solid corporate values.


Our reputation for reliability is something we’re truly proud of. Honoring our commitments is part of our culture.  


In today’s construction environment where changes have become the norm, our adaptability makes all the difference.


We’re good at spotting talent and committed to helping it grow.


We build close ties with our business partners. They’re an essential part of the solutions we offer our clients.


At Canatal we owe our ongoing success to teamwork, our shared desire to do more and do better, and our corporate commitment to excellence.


“In the steel structure industry, we’re leading the pack.”

Ralph Poulin, President