A dream. A vision. A company.

Ralph Poulin founded Industries Canatal in 1990, inspired by an entrepreneurial vision of steel structure fabrication. His goal? To make Canatal a leading steel structure player.

Ralph and his team of experts spent their first seven years honing their expertise and showing their value in major commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential steel structure projects. They made a name for themselves in Canada and expanded into the U.S. Northeast.

International expansion

In 1997 Canatal landed major contracts in the U.S. Northeast. After a few years and continuous efforts to improve fabrication processes and production capacity, Canatal was drawing 90% of its business from there..

With the company thriving in the U.S., Ralph Poulin acquired the Thetford Mines plant in 1999 and created Complexe Canatal, a single facility to handle every step in production, design, and logistics. His vision had become a reality. This industrial complex increased Canatal’s operational agility and flexibility to meet the ever-growing demand for its products and expertise.

The 2000s: a turning point for Canatal

To shorten turnaround, Canatal acquired three detailing studios in the Quebec City area. Three successive expansions and a new plant significantly boosted the company’s production capacity. In a booming industry, Canatal was making its mark.

Setting up shop in the United States

In 2010 Canatal opened a new U.S. plant in Roanoke, Virginia. Canatal Steel USA was born. With this new plant, the company was able to expand further along the Eastern Seaboard.

Today Canatal has over 325,000 sq. ft. of facilities dedicated to steel fabrication and employs upwards of 525 highly skilled workers. It is the supplier of choice and the manufacturer with the greatest flexibility on fast-track projects.


In our list of corporate values, reliability is right at the top

Ralph Poulin, President