Steel structure erection

Team up with our expert ironworkers.

Once on the site, everything depends on the skill of your ironworkers. That’s why we have our own set of requirements at Canatal and certify the companies we work with.

These suppliers employ experienced, highly skilled ironworkers who work closely with our project management team. Canatal-certified companies uphold all occupational health & safety standards, a vital concern for avoiding accidents. When you have special requests, we draw on the technical ability and expertise of these ironworkers to deliver effective solutions and keep your project on the fast track to success.

And to avoid unnecessary delays, we use Quick-Bolt—an express nut and bolt service—to keep our erection teams supplied and working. Anything it takes to deliver on schedule!

“The quality of the erection team’s work has a direct impact on the success of the project and ultimately, the client’s satisfaction.”

Ralph Poulin, President