Time Engineering Process

Time Engineering is a matter of process.

Time Engineering is based on employee expertise. Fully understanding the many kinds of modifications and developing highly appropriate alternatives takes individual and collective ingenuity. Our multidisciplinary team uses a collaborative process to come up with a variety of solutions.

We use Time Engineering to:

  • Change the scope of an action
  • Re-evaluate various scenarios
  • Analyze projects in terms of time requirements
  • Adjust procurement
  • Re-plan project items
  • Reassign resources
  • Evaluate detailing needs

 Time Engineering allows us to

  • Adapt efficiently to add-on requests
  • Come up with solutions that will keep the project on schedule
  • Identify options that will save time
  • Make full use of our TIMESMART Manufacturing capabilities
  • Integrate corrections into the production schedule
  • Streamline our fabrication sequences


“A pre-project meeting with the client is the best way to clear up any gray areas.”

Ralph Poulin, President