Time Engineering Team

Multidisciplinary solutions at your service.

Led by the Project Management Director, the TE Team focuses on the specifics of client requests. Working as a fast-track multidisciplinary unit, the team comes up with a number of potential solutions, analyzes them, and selects the best one. The chosen option is integrated into the production schedule and implemented, and any necessary adjustments are made.

The TE Team’s job is to:

  • Understand exactly what is being requested
  • Establish the scope and complexity of the request
  • Come up with a variety of options
  • Handle technical and logistical substitutions
  • Deploy scheduling scenarios
  • Adjust priorities
  • Revise technical drawings and installation sequences

 With the TE Team, we can:

  • Work with engineering simulations
  • Foresee potential problems 
  • Combine different fields of expertise
  • Understand all of the factors involved in the requested change
  • Use brainstorming to find innovative solutions
  • Reassign resources
  • Revise the production schedule
  • Be reactive