Specialized, agile, flexible resources

time_smart_frThere are several parts to our TIMESMART Manufacturing process: a team of specialized employees, a scheduling model run on the latest technology, and dedicated production units. It’s what gives us our exceptional agility and flexibility.

The TIMESMART Manufacturing process is continually optimized. Our teams use their skill and ingenuity to react promptly to evolving production needs and market conditions.

The basic components of the TIMESMART Manufacturing process are:

  • Eight specialized units  in 325,000 sq. ft. of fabrication facilities optimized for maximum agility and flexibility.
  • A specialized Special & Complex Products team of engineers and procurement managers who make sure we have a ready supply of steel at all times
  • Detailers tasked with handling “special requests” by taking midproject changes and integrating them into the system as corrections
  • Time Engineering Scheduling Model A smart and dynamic planning process


“In our list of corporate values, reliability is right at the top.”

Ralph Poulin, président