Specialized Plants

Eight specialized fabrication units.

TIMESMART Manufacturing is a parallel fabrication process and the reason for our exceptional agility.

Unlike sequential fabrication processes, our parallel TIMESMART process significantly reduces bottlenecks and assembly times.

With TIMESMART Manufacturing, reconfigurations are implemented more quickly, for greater production agility.

Plant 1 – Complex structural steel members
Plant 2 – Heavy structural steel members
Plant 3 – Light structural steel members
Plant 4 – Special requests
Plant 5 – Plate Girders
Plant 6 – Heavy/complex structural steel members (Roanoke, VA – USA)
Plant 7 – Paint and surface treatments
Plant 8 – Paint and surface treatments (Roanoke, VA – USA)

Our TIMESMART Manufacturing process and specialized resources have the ability, equipment, and flexibility to take on any steel structural project, no matter how architecturally complex. They are essential for accommodating requests of all kinds on fasttrack projects without ever missing a delivery deadline.


“We constantly reassign resources and personnel as a way of avoiding bottlenecks. It’s what gives us our manufacturing flexibility and agility, day in and day out.”

Ralph Poulin, President