Paul Milstein Hall at Cornell University

943 University Ave, Ithaca, NY, 14853

Bold design. Bold structure

 Designed by internationally renowned architect OMA, Misltein Hall is built to inspire. It provides 25,000 sq ft of flexible studio space at Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning.  The structural steel structure is artfully part of the design.

It features a unique 1,200 ton hybrid truss system (200ft long and 15ft deep) to support two dramatic cantilevers to allow for vehicle and pedestrian circulation. Canatal fabrication capacity and in-house engineering expertise were instrumental in delivering on our commitment.

Logistics Ingenuity and Time Engineering.

The mere size of this unique hybrid structural steel truss system created a serious logistic challenge. Our engineering and logistic teams came up with clever ways to transport this massive structural steel puzzle. Due to the depth of the trusses, the oversized loads required special rigs and meticulously planned police escorts to reach final destination.

11th hour changes to the original plans forced our Time Engineering Team to alter work flow in ingenious and resourceful ways to meet deadlines.

Despite complex logistics, Canatal accommodated evolving requirements and delivered on its commitment.

Steel tonnage: 1,101 tons

Owner : Cornell University, Architects : KHA Architects LLC, Structural Engineer : Robert Silman Associates, General Contractor : Welliver McGuire, Inc.

Our ultimate goal is to offer clients No-Risk structural steel projects

Project Challenges

  • Oversized structural steel members
  • Procurement issues
  • Logistics intricacies, Just-in-Time delivery
  • Limited job site access
  • Erection complexities
  • Work around existing buildings

No matter the challenge… we deliver!

Working with Canatal was a pleasure

Milstein Hall at Cornell is a national award-winning project and it is due in part to Canatal’s quality of material and craftsmanship. This project features custom steel trusses and two large cantilevers over busy campus roadways.

Canatal reacted positively to any challenges that came their way: One example is the small site with no lay down area. It required the planning of just-in-time oversized steel truss deliveries guided byNew YorkStatetroopers and they delivered on time,allowing the project to remain on schedule.

Because of top- notch quality shop drawings and the level of details and calculations, we reduced time required back and forth for corrections. We were also impressed with their level of safety management which easily matched our safety procedures.”

“Working with the many professionals at Canatal was the most pleasurable  aspect of the project.”

Norm Aidun, PMP, LEED APVice President Project Management

Welliver McGuire Inc