Avalon Exeter Residences, Boston, MA / 1,500 Tons


Because scheduling and sequencing form the bedrock of our services

Canatal fabricates and installs steel structures in accordance with stringent specifications and schedules. We stand for delivering on time and exceeding expectations. In order to fulfill this commitment, our team remains dedicated to solution-oriented thinking, proactivity and agility.

To Work Smart,
Canatal Relies on 3 Pillars



On time.
It’s the only way.

  • Proven scheduling model
  • Parallel fabrication methods
  • Strategic steel procurement practices
  • Turnkey offer


Living our values, on site, in house & everywhere in between

  • 4 offices in the US and Canada
  • 525+ employees
  • 115 detailers and engineers
  • Management teams comprised of experienced engineers and structural steel erectors
  • Canatal-certified structural steel erection companies
  • World-class customer support


The resources,
the know-how,
the results

  • State-of-the-art detailing tech
  • Automated material preparation units
  • 2,000,000 sq. ft. storage park
  • 2 plants located in 2 countries
Taunton Trial Court, Taunton, MA / 1,055 Tons
Why Canatal is a supplier of choice


  • Highly effective methods to handle projects with agility – Most of our project managers are accomplished engineers
  • Capacity to carry out projects that are complex on many levels – Tight scheduling, large scale structures or complex transportation, for instance
  • Turnkey management all provided in-house – Our workforce combine their expertise to ensure comprehensive and swift project management

and Capacity

  • Strategic steel procurement – By working directly with steel mills, we maintain an impressive stock to help us offset price fluctuations
  • In-shop lifting and cutting equipment – The right tools keep us highly adaptable when it comes to working with members of any size and shape
  • Over 100 in-house detailers – With ingenious minds on our team, we know we can always provide smart solutions to overcome any challenge
  • Our financial solidity – We have been devoted to solid results and our capacity to offer bonds and guarantees reflects this

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Our Values Shape our Approach

Canatal’s values are what truly sets us apart – Reliability, agility, talent and collaboration all align to create success; which is the result we are committed to, and known for.

Through all these years working on amazing projects, my passion remains the same; to see great things take shape through hard work and dedication on all parts.

Ralph Poulin, Founder and President of Canatal



Diligently meeting our industry’s standards

Canatal accepts nothing less than quality and projects delivered exactly as promised

Maintaining a level of work that complies with current certifications is just the beginning. We continuously strive to better our methodology to the benefit of our collaborators. This is instilled in every part of our work process; from selected materials, to tried-and-tested work methods and technologies that optimize production quality and serve ironworkers best.

Canatal is proud to have worked with the most renowned world-class companies.

275 Albany Street, Boston, MA
2,602 tons

I have worked on no less than 15 projects with Canatal; they have delivered world-class customer service on every project.

Jim Grossman
National Director of Construction Operations
Suffolk Construction
Shire 08, Lexington, MA
1,566 tons

Canatal has consistently been among the top-performing subcontractors on our projects. We have had a long-standing relationship executing many successful projects in the Boston Metro Area going back over 10 years.

Brad Mahoney
Senior Project Manager
Lend Lease Construction
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