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When it’s time for the culminating moment, knowing everything stacks up is non-negotiable. Canatal works exclusively with the steel erectors that meet internal standards to safeguard its commitment towards safety and quality.

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Expert Steel Erectors

When it comes to steel structure erection services, our collaborators meet our own set of requirements and have stringent security measures. Most are certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction. These suppliers employ experienced, highly skilled individuals who work closely with our project management team. Because Canatal-certified companies uphold applicable occupational health & safety standards, we can all rest assured work is conducted as safely as can be.

When special requests are made, we draw on the technical ability and expertise of these steel erectors to deliver effective solutions while keeping customers’ projects on the fast track to success.

Westminster Canterbury, Lynchburg, VA / 568 Tons

Quick-Bolt Service

In order to limit unnecessary delays and keep our erection teams supplied and working, we use Quick-Bolt, an express nut and bolt service. This US-based service provides accelerated access to all necessary elements on erection sites. This way, whenever something is needed, Canatal has what it takes to deliver on schedule.

Tight Scheduling and Precise Procurement

Our scheduling model tracks and integrates information originating from our various departments. This allows for real-time calculation and valuation of the quantity, type, and dimensions of the steel members required for each part of a given project.

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