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and Values

Canatal’s structural steel expertise goes well beyond participating in the creation of landmark buildings; the teamwork it demonstrates both internally and externally is outstanding.

It is the result of 525 employees, over 115 detailers and engineers, all coming together to solve problems before they arise.

Clarksburg Premium Outlets, Clarksburgh, MD / 2,744 Tons

At Canatal, we find solutions and deliver. It’s what we’re all about.

We keep every promise:

  • Accommodate your needs
  • Adjust to your time constraints
  • Adapt to new conditions
  • Honor our safety-first priority, always
  • Act according to guidelines set by certifications and environmental practices
  • Make life easier for our clients

Health & Safety and Environmental Protection

At Canatal, we leave nothing to chance.

That is the driving force of our daily operations, we abide by our principles to keep everyone safe and secure, no compromise.

Canatal’s policy includes these 6 principles :

  1. Take whatever action is necessary to prevent workplace accidents, injury, and illness.
  2. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Inform all Canatal staff and contractors of our commitment to improving our health, safety, and environmental practices.
  4. Share our policy with project stakeholders to help them understand Canatal’s overall health, safety, and environmental goals.
  5. Order audits and reports on a regular basis to evaluate how our health, safety, and environmental practices are improving.
  6. Reduce the environmental impact of our industrial processes and activities by having an environmental management system in place together with appropriate emergency plans and procedures.

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Canatal’s Unwavering Dedication

A passion for creating excellence

Our clients and our teams share strong values, and develop solid bonds, and that makes all the difference. Hearing and feeling the same passion directly from our clients confirm what Canatal stands for.

Ralph Poulin, President, Canatal
Queens Plaza, Long Island City, NY / 485 Tons

Corporate Values

A solid base

Canatal’s guiding point? Strong values and standards that define it in the market as a true leader and premium partner.

These values have a common denominator; they express Canatal’s ability to perform with unparalleled agility and deliver fast-track projects on schedule.


Honoring our commitments is part of our culture; our reputation for reliability is something we’re truly proud of.


In today’s construction environment, where changes have become the norm, our adaptability makes all the difference.


We’re good at spotting talent and committed to helping it grow.


We build close ties with our business partners. They’re an essential part of the solutions we offer our clients.


At Canatal, we owe our ongoing success to teamwork, our shared desire to do more and do better, and our corporate commitment to excellence.

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We Live Our Values, on Site, in House & Everywhere in Between


Looking for A Workplace that Truly Puts Safety First?

Canatal has environmental conditions and their impact to heart.