Clarksburg Premium Outlets, Clarksburgh, MD / 2,744 Tons


Expert execution

Meticulous project management is undoubtedly of critical importance. The teams responsible for laying out detailed planning  and seeing it through carry a lot of weight. Canatal’s seasoned managers and site supervisors – most of them engineers or experienced structural steel erectors – have spent a great many years on construction sites, honing skills that make all the difference for today’s projects.

The success of every Canatal project rests in the hands of these experts. Every step is clearly defined, executed and validated according to the strictest criteria.

Our teams’ expertise is more than a testament to quality; it enhances Canatal’s ability to always remain one step ahead.

Queens Plaza, Long Island City, NY / 485 Tons

On Time. It’s the Only Way.

Scheduling and sequencing is part of Canatal’s DNA. Because nothing beats experience when it comes to insights and planning, our teams manage to meet expectations.

Our scheduling model is a dynamic change management system that allows us to easily monitor projects. It tracks every activity in real time so we can manage competing priorities effectively.

By harnessing the best technology and the sharpest skill set, our model makes for unparalleled agility and flexibility.

How Do We Make it Happen? We Create Smart Teams.

Before the action plan takes shape, a team of people is assembled with great care by Canatal’s management.

When informed of any production schedule updates, personnel is reassigned so that requests are addressed as efficiently as possible.

Every person on board is there because their talents and know-how is a perfect match for the challenges at hand.

Our management team works tirelessly in order for production to progress smoothly and for procurement to be as streamlined as possible.

Having the right steel at the right price at the right time—that’s the job of our procurement managers and their commitment to you.

275 Albany Street, Boston, MA
2,602 Tons

I have worked on no less than 15 projects with Canatal; they have delivered world class customer service on every project.

Jim Grossman
National Director of Construction Operations
Suffolk Construction
3201 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA
1,180 Tons

The Canatal team was proactive, and invaluable in helping us come up with solutions to problems discovered in the field.

Brandon Gussoni
Project Manager
TN Ward Company
50-60 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA
6,100 Tons

The Canatal team we worked with traveled to the project site weekly during a hard winter; their level of cooperation and commitment contributed heavily to this collaborative team environment.

Brian B. Chase
Construction Executive
Turner Construction Company
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