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Detailing and
3D Modeling

Once plans are provided to Canatal, a thorough review is performed by detailers ready to hash out every detail in order to produce the most accurate shop and erection drawings.

Carrying out All Projects in House

The ability, the skills, the tools


Canatal’s detailing department is composed of more than 115 qualified employees that utilize the latest technologies to prepare shop drawings and erection plans for complex steel structures.

3D Modeling

Our team uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) software for 3D modeling on every single project to confirm every element of the build is feasible and optimal. First, Canatal provides its models to project collaborators, then potential conflicts can be averted.

Canatal periodically provides these models to project collaborators in order to identify and resolve potential building conflicts from the start, therefore helping to avoid issues on construction sites.

Through detailed virtual representations of steel structures in 3D, conflict analysis is possible before a single piece is fabricated. Clash detection between the various components of a building is made possible by the enhanced collaboration that 3D modeling facilitates. Not to mention the savings of time and money.

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