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A smart approach on all accounts to bring you peace of mind

Every aspect of Canatal’s operations is held up by strong values and brought to life by a commitment to do more than just work hard, but to work smart.

To make great efficiency its trademark, from supply, to detailing all the way through to delivery, it takes a team that is time smart, people smart and technical smart.

Time smart

Canatal performs with unparalleled agility and always delivers fast-track structural steel fabrication and erection projects on schedule, while minimizing the risks inherent to last‑minute modifications.

Great Efficiency
Is Our Trademark

  • Proactive agility throughout fast-track project management
  • Proven scheduling model for optimal sequencing during the entire critical path
  • Capacity to accommodate changes during projects
  • Parallel fabrication process for better time management
  • Steel procurement strategies that ensure availability and offset steel price volatility.
  • Everything needed to supply a turnkey, worry-free experience, from our steel supply to our lifting devices and 150 trailers, all ready to make your project as cost-efficient as possible.

The Take-away:

Peace of mind knowing your projects are in good hands

People smart

Problem solving and risk minimizing is second nature to our team

Canatal’s legacy goes well beyond the creation of landmark buildings; the teamwork it demonstrates both internally and externally is outstanding. It is the result of 525 employees, over 115 detailers and engineers, all coming together to solve problems before they arise.

Canatal’s people create all the necessary conditions for excellence. We team up with the best collaborators, plan with precision and always operate in constant compliance with current certifications.

  • Reliable in-house talents:
    •  525 employees in the US and Canada, with over 115 qualified detailers and engineers, in 4 offices
  • Up-to-date on all required certifications
  • Problem solving and risk minimizing is second nature to our team
  • Keeping people safe, and upholding the best environmental practices
  • Canatal-certified structural steel subcontractors to collaborate with peace of mind
  • Top notch service from the planning stage up to the final completion
  • Strong values and a hands-on attitude
  • An impressive company with a solid financial backbone

The take-away:

Our people have one goal; making your job easier.

Technical smart

To be able to remain people smart and time smart, Canatal leverages the right tools and technology to provide agility and flexibility.

With a legacy of great achievements and a commitment towards doing things the smart way, solutions are brought to life. Canatal has the real estate, the technical skills, the network and the logistics that bring the best of knowledge and manpower together.

The Right Technology to Do The Job Right

  • State-of-the-art technology for detailing
  • A team proficient in engineering and structural steel erection, equipped with what it takes to perform on time and above expectations
  • Automated material preparation units supported by digital control systems, robots, and advanced welding systems
  • Over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of storage to keep tools and finished products on hand
  • A network of heavy-duty traveling cranes and lifting equipment adapted to specific applications
  • 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software used on every project
  • Quick-Bolt – an express bolt service
  • Tools and techniques made-to-measure by and for Canatal
  • Reports to ensure our systems cannot be working smoother or faster

The Take-away:

Access to all the necessary resources to complete any project, cost- and time-efficiently


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Experience the Smart Advantage

With over 1,200 projects delivered, Canatal is always up to the challenge.

Our team keeps striving to achieve exceptional results, on time and beyond expectations.

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Created by a North American leader in structural steel design, engineering, fabrication and erection

Beyond quality steel structures, Canatal builds strategic partnerships.

  • Your reliable partner from start to finish
  • Skilled experts, equipped with fine-tuned systems
  • Design & engineering
  • Unparalleled fast-track project management
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Canatal is quick to offer up solutions, is on time with project deliverables and has never missed a delivery date.

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